7 Signs It’s Time For A Career Change

Nearly two and a half years following the first signs of COVID-19, many professionals are now looking for a career change, especially in today’s candidate market. While there’s no rush to look for a new job, you must consider the opportunities and advancements you’ll miss.

Currently, a gold mine of new opportunities exists. It is a suitable time for employees who have stayed with their companies through COVID to explore the job market.

Here are seven signs that it’s time for a career change.

You want flexibility.

Research proves that workers want flexibility as people return to the office (RTO). Flexible working hours and flexible location (remote vs. in-office) are two overriding themes. Flexibility, typically second to compensation, is one of the top reasons employees choose to leave their companies. In fact, 21 percent of workers are likely to jump ship to obtain that flexibility.

You need a better work/life balance.

For many, the most important thing is maintaining a work/life balance. Oftentimes, your career can greatly affect your personal life. You might find that you’re losing friends and unable to maintain your relationships with your spouse, partner, children, or other family members. If this is the case, it’s time to reevaluate what you might need to do to sustain your personal connections.

You want to switch to remote or hybrid work.

Remote or hybrid work isn’t for every job. Some companies, especially manufacturing positions, require workers to be in the office. Additionally, mentoring is best done in an office environment for candidates with 0-3 years of experience.

Regardless, there are countless opportunities for remote work following the aftermath of the pandemic. Employees realize they can effectively work from home or with few visits to the office, allowing workers to explore avenues that weren’t widely available before. Remote work goes hand-in-hand with flexibility and work/life balance.

However, we understand that some people are not motivated when working remotely. If you are one of them, there are still many in-office positions available as many companies return to an office setting.

You’re looking for better compensation.

The workforce used the pandemic to reevaluate their earning potential, and most found they could earn more. The so-called Great Reshuffling saw a record 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in March 2022. Despite many workers leaving, experts noticed that workers took a role elsewhere that either paid them more or offered a better advancement opportunity.

You want to develop yourself further.

Many are looking for a career change that will support their development. Workers during the pandemic took the opportunity to further their education, upskill or climb up the ladder. It is not enough to remain in your current position due to compensation.

Consider a lateral move to a new company to enhance your skills. A lateral move into another industry or relocating to a better COL location can further develop your resume.

You’ve developed apathy for your current employer.

If you find yourself dreading going to work and developing apathy, it’s time for a career change. Working on autopilot daily or no longer feeling invested in work are telltale signs that it’s time to move on. We understand the need to find an environment where you are happy and challenged. Consider learning about other companies’ cultures to search for the right fit for you.

You’re experiencing burnout.

Separate from apathy is burnout. Burnout can look like many things, such as reduced performance, anxiety, poor mood, difficulty concentrating and lack of creativity. You can also experience physical exhaustion, muscle tension, and headaches in some instances. If the burnout is constant, it may be time to review your current situation and explore other opportunities.

Be it the Great Resignation, the Great Demand, or the Great Reshuffle, you can count on Staubach & Associates to go above and beyond. If you need help mustering the courage to pursue a career change, start a conversation with us today.

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